About AEMS

The FSU Applied Emergency Management Studio (AEMS) Project is a unique program of the FSU Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program.  AEMS gives students in the EMHS program a unique opportunity to work in the field of emergency management before they graduate from university.  Selected students are hired as researchers in the EMHS program for a semester, and work on a unique EM project – typically in a developing community.

AEMS builds on the concept of the Disaster Incident Research Team (DIRT) which was designed to take faculty and researchers into disaster areas to conduct research on response, recovery and preparedness.  DIRT deployed teams to New Orleans after Hurricane Isaac (2012) and to New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy (2012-2013). DIRT has also deployed teams to non disaster areas for preparedness, recovery and mitigation research, including Manila, Philippines (2013), Managua, Nicaragua (2013) and to Les Cayes, Haiti (2013).

The 2014 project was the pilot effort, and has laid the groundwork for future projects and learning opportunities for students.

Student researchers do not participate in AEMS for academic credit – this is not intended to be an ‘internship’ for academic credit. Researcher are employed by EMHS for a single semester, and work on a defined project scope.  AEMS projects require strong partnerships to accomplish real success in the world. One of our premier partners is FAVACA – the Florida Volunteer Corps.  FAVACA assists EMHS faculty with identifying local needs and community partners throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

Students gain valuable work experience, and knowledge of emergency management that they cannot learn from textbooks, papers, or course lectures.