Objective 1 – Update Water Source Information

Objective 1 is to create an updated index of water sources on Ile a Vache. There are no water treatment facilities on the island, and all local water is obtained from shallow wells and most suffers from saltwater intrusion. When the water supply is fragile in a non-disaster environment, it can completely fail in a post-disaster situation.

Some data exists on water sources on Ile a Vache.  Building on that data, AEMS teams will conduct site surveys of all identifiable and accessible water sources and test for accessibility, quality and salinity.  The focus in this objective is to identify water sources that are most likely to be viable after a disaster.

The deliverable for this objective is a matrix of water sources on Ile a Vache with quality and survivability indicators.  This data will also be plotted on digital maps for spatial analysis and integrated with the material supporting Objective 3.