Objective 2 – Methodology to Review Public Structures

Objective 2 develops a methodology for reviewing public structures, such as schools, for usage as shelters during and after a disaster.  Further, this structure survey will include other critical facilities such as clinics, churches, etc.

Construction techniques and location indicate that many private residences on the island will not withstand a significant tropical storm system. In addition to this factor, there is not sufficient transportation capacity to evacuate those at risk off the island. With those factors in mind, it is critical to identify locations on the island that residents can take refuge.

To accomplish this objective, maps of possible public facilities are required, as well as investigation of each of these facilities for suitability.

The final deliverable for this objective will be a report detailing the public structures that may be suitable, with preparation, as refuges for island residents.  These structure will be plotted on a digital map that integrates with the data gathered in support of Objective 3.