Ile a Vache

Approximately 200 citizens and 30 professionals (local disaster brigade and DPC staff) were trained on disaster preparedness.  These outreach sessions and professional training raised awareness to what the possible impacts of a disaster would have on residents, families, and communities on the island. As a result, community understanding and resilience was raised.

For the AEMS Student Researchers

AEMS student researchers gained invaluable experience in the following areas:

  • Field data collection and surveying
  • Water source sampling and assessment
  • Structural shelter assessment and requirements
  • Community outreach and organization
  • International cooperation
  • Local disaster management, focused on mitigation and preparedness
  • Data aggregation and analysis
  • Deadlines and professional work expectations

Each of the students wrote a short assessment of the experience after the project and universally the agreed that the work was much more difficult than first assumed.