Project Timeline

October 2013

  • Rob McDaniel and David Merrick travel to Ile a Vache and Port-au-Prince, Haiti at the request of SODADE and FAVACA for an initial needs assessment.

December 2013

  • Audrey Heffron Casserleigh, Jarrett Broder, and David Merrick travel to Ile a Vache to finalize coordination on the island for full staff trips in 2014.
  • Interview and selection of researchers completed

January 2014

  • Staff training
  • Project objectives developed and finalized

February 2014

  • Staff trip Ile a Vache.  Trip 1 focused on data collection including UAS operations, ground surveys, interviews, and water testing.

March 2014

  • Data aggregation and analysis
  • Creation of outreach materials
  • Training development for local government

April 2014

  • Training development, cont’
  • Staff trip to Ile a Vache.  Trip 2 focused on delivery of outreach content and training delivery.  Further UAS operations were conducted

May-July 2014

  • Processing UAS imagery
  • Final report