Structure Survey and Data Collection

The same teams of three students surveying water sources on the island also reviewed structures found around the island. Each team collected as much data as possible for each structure encountered. Using GPS devices they noted the closest village, coordinates of structure, and elevation. They recorded the name of building, if one existed, and its primary use. If possible they identified the owner and age of the building.

In addition to location and purpose they recorded measurements of each structure including building and window dimensions and thickness of foundation and roof. They took note of the materials used for walls and foundation (poured or cast concrete), windows (glass, barred, etc.), roofs (concrete, tin, etc.). Each team also recorded whether or not there were any visible wall and/or roof reinforcements and what type.

Aside from structural measurements and characteristics each team documented the surrounding area. They took notes on whether there were any animals inhabiting the area and/or any insect infestations. They recorded any water sources near the structure, taking note of the type and its location. Lastly, each team measured the distance of the structure from the beach. For each structure the team drew a quick sketch of it’s shape, proportions, door and window openings, and jotted down any additional information they deemed important.

Data collected on structures is available in Appendix B.