Our Next Project

The AEMS 2016 project is still in a To Be Determined status.  EMHS faculty are exploring various project proposals from a variety of groups located in the Caribbean and Central America.  We recently met with potential partners from Chile and feel their unique hazards would be an amazing experience for our students.  Additional details will be posted here when a final decision is made.

Faculty have decided once again not to return to Ile a Vache in Haiti.  While it was a great experience for students and there is still work to be done, we feel there are more advantageous opportunities for our students in other places.  Haiti still remains a project we hope to revisit at a later date.  After preliminary discussions with our Belizean partners, there may be a chance to engage in some follow-up work with them.  More details on this as talks develop and the final report is reviewed.

In the meantime, are you a graduate or undergraduate student looking for a unique and awesome employment experience? Contact David Merrick via dmerrick at fsu dot edu. Interviews will be conducted toward the end of the Fall semester.